Ultra-Low Latency Microwave Solutions
  • TLV networks offer The Ultimate Solutions for Speed & Reliability

  • 30% + Faster than fiber

  • 99.9% Path Reliability

Our Services

TLV networks Aurora<>Chicago route connecting CME Group Data Center in Aurora, IL and 350 Cermak in Chicago, IL is live and currently offering:
•TLV MD Select (Market Data offering)
•TLV Bandwidth Select (Network capacity)

TLV MD Select (Market Data offering)

• Ultra-low latency feeds of select CME Group and ICE market data feeds
• Feeds provided via multi-cast over TLV networks infrastructure

TLV Bandwidth Select (Network capacity)

• Flexible option for ultra-low latency bandwidth
• Sold in as small as 5 Mbps increments
• Ability for customers to leverage TLV's infrastructure or receive direct Microwave network connection
• Secure and fully protected capacity bandwidth allocations

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